• TryWork

    TryWork allows job seekers to try out a job before making a conscious career decision. It adds experience to the overall recruitment process. For organisations this means through TryWork they can evaluate the candidate in a real work environment, helping them hire the right employees.

    How does it work? 
    It starts with job seekers and organisations creating a profile, answering questions related to field, skills, knowledges, values, culture and working conditions. TryWork then matches job seekers and organisations and allows them to set-up a try-out. A try-out can for example be shadow working, test days or job sharing. It must allow the candidate to experience the work in a real setting.

    What is the difference with Probezeit?
    The try-out is part of the recruitment process and will be for a much shorter period, for example 2 weeks. Whereas the Probezeit is 6 months, after the contract has already been signed. 

    What is in it for the organisations?
    It will allow them to hire better fitted employees. Moreover these employees made a conscious decision to work there, and will therefore work with purpose. This is not only good for their health and happiness, but also for the organisations'. And an innovative recruitment process will be good for the employer branding.

    What's our mission?
    TryWork wants everyone to have a job that gives them purpose! So that people will be happier and healthier overall. And TryWork beliefs experiencing a job in a real work setting helps to find that job. How else can you feel if it's right for you?

    Where can I find more information?
    A website and pilot are in the making. If you want to stay informed or have a question, please send an email to asktrywork(at)gmail.com.


    Kontakt: Elsabeth van Overbeeke, asktrywork(at)gmail.com

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