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    With SoulChat, anyone with internet access can benefit from fast, affordable, and professional online therapy in groups.


    At some point in their life, almost one-third of all people experience psychological problems that require treatment. Even more of us suffer from long-term mild to moderate depression and anxiety without counseling. However, due to barriers such as costs, concerns about anonymity, timely access to professional support, and general scheduling conflicts, many people are not able to easily access counseling and other mental health support systems. 

    By offering online group therapy, SoulChat makes it easier for anyone with a smartphone to receive timely, professional counseling.

    SoulChat is a platform for online group therapy where clients pay to join professionally led, anonymous support groups organized by symptoms and demographics, so that one can expect to be understood by others in the group. Each group of ten to fifteen members communicates weekly online for three to six months via chats, and as costs are divided amongst all group members, SoulChat is able to remain affordable for clients and attractive for counselors. 

    Online therapy is the future. SoulChat allow us to offer easily accessible, high-quality counseling at a reasonable cost.


    Entry into Programme: March 2019, Sozial & Gründer Leipzig

    Contact: Matt Cusick, matt(at)soulchat.org


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