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    Young adults feel neglected in their future planning. This is partly because of the lack of understanding of how the system works. For the needs of young adults, we are developing a programme that models pereceptions of life phases and visualises the impact on the individual pension.


    The project aims to reduce barriers to retirement provision for young adults. It turns out that the younger generation has an idea of ​​how they plan to live their lives, but retirement as a reason for accumulate savings loses its attractiveness. The problem awareness is clear: how will I secure the standard of living at an old age?

    We are all aware that we are living in an aging society and that issues of retirement provision are becoming increasingly relevant. But who amongst us knows the exact factors that influence pension levels?
    Here we want to ensure greater transparency by strengthening economic competence in the area of ​​old-age security. For this purpose, we are developing a counseling tool that models individual life courses and plans, for e.g. taking into account the impact of child planning or parental leave.

    The economy of the security system complicated and opaque? Thanks to our digtial consulting service "a piece of cake". We want to engage consumers in a sustainable way and help them shape their personal future according to their own ideas and needs.


    Entry into Programme: April 2019, Wirkungsschaffer Stuttgart

    Contact: Charlotte Fechter, lotte.fechter(at)live.de 


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