• Haptomai

    We support the blind with spatial orientation. With the use of individual adjustable tactile cards, one can obtain a spatial overview of unknown places. For this purpose, we simplify cards by a technical method, produce them immediately and deliver them.

    Before the possible funding of our idea, the question is whether there is a demand for our idea and whether this can be increased, what price can be set and what quantity of sales should be expected. Our target groups are, firstly, companies that have the blind as (paying) customers, such as special travel agencies for the blind or travel firms that currently do not have any products for blind customers but are planning to have them.

    Secondly, we are looking at big corporations that employ the blind and who wish to support them further as part of their voluntary commitment to social responsibility. 

    As a third target group, we envisage trade fair organisers who wish to ensure access for the blind as part of their company policy.

    A fourth target group are public institutions that need to offer blind customers better orientation as part of the equal treatment law (e.g. schools, administrations) to allow them to use these facilities (e.g. tourism offices, city marketing).

    Products need to be developed to suit the needs of all the target groups. At the same time, financial sources need to be found in order to cover future development of the atomisation of the card production.

    Months 1-4: Market validation, product development, financing

    Prospective months 5-8: software development for process automation, marketing, company founding.

    Contact person: Christian Graf, Email

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