COSI combines co-working with onsite childcare. In an ever faster spinning world with increasingly diverse life designs, we enable young families to improve work-family balance.


    Digitization is changing the way we work fundamentally. The pressure amounts especially for mothers of young children in metropolitan areas, since oftentimes they have to delay going back to work due to unavailability of appropriate childcare. Those years of work experience they’ve traided in for the family might cost them their career, particularly in highly dynamic business fields, such as IT. Employers, on the other hand, face great challenges substituting the vacancy on such a short notice and mostly only temporarily. 

    With COSI we want to meet the individual needs of career-conscious parents and find contemporary, innovative solutions. Childcare would cover the entire spectrum from fixed nursery over parent-child-office to drop-in usage for as little as 2 hours. The Co-working Space will be offering desks in an open space as well as in private offices and meeting rooms for private calls up to full-day seminars. On top of community events we want to host business events and conferences and even offer trainings and workshops about topics such as digitization and new work. With child care in the same building, these services would now also be accessible to employees, entrepreneurs and startups with young children. 

    Entry into Programme: December 2018, Wirkungsschaffer Stuttgart

    Contact: Michelle Bäßler, baessler.michelle(at)gmail.com


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