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    World-wide, every single urban dweller produces 1.6 kilos of waste daily, and this trend is increasing. Yet more than two-thirds of this waste actually isn't waste at all. In fact, it's easily reusable valuable resources. Wasteland Projects sees itself as an Agency for "All Things Trash". Working as an interdisciplinary team using unusual approaches, we want to contribute to solving the global waste crisis.

    That amount of daily waste would fill a row of packed garbage trucks lined up from Berlin to Ramallah- equivalent to 43 such traffic jams around the world each year. And yet, up to 70% of this waste is not waste at all. In fact, it contains easily reusable valuable resources. Nowadays, such waste ends up on illegal "dumpsters," for example in our oceans. Increasing affluence results in a disproportionally increasing mountain of waste.

    Wasteland Projects sees itself as an Agency of "All things Trash". Working as an interdisciplinary team using unusual approaches, we want to contribute to solving the global waste crisis. We know from firsthand experience just how complex and huge the global waste crisis is. Nonetheless, new small scale approaches do not have to be complicated. Impact first, community based, low tech, open source, sustainable- enough buzzword bingo. Our solutions are based on experience.

    Bottom-Up- Solutions: Together with local partners we create recycling-infrastructure and bring it to life. In the Refugee Camp Aida in Palestine, The Lajee Youth Center along with the NGO Refutrees  are building rooftop gardens. In cooperation with the Berlin Prinzessinnen-Gärten, we added the missing element-composting-so that an elegant circular economy could result. And in Aida every kilo of recycled biomass means less waste on the street, valuable fertilizer, and one head of lettuce more on a rooftop. That means real cash and dignity for the people in the camp.

    Communication, Campaigns and Advocacy: Waste is not sexy, but it concerns all of us. Therein lies Wasteland Projects' opportunity. We want to make people aware of how they can avoid producing unnecessary waste and how they can recycle waste. As part of the MakerCamp Berlin where Makers from all around the world will gather in the Factory of Berlin, we will hack our daily waste together with them. We will experiment with sensors for smart bins for the home and the city, make networked recycling fun, and reuse plastic waste for 3-D printing.  And we want to show that these new approaches  bring forth good stories which can convince people to join the effort.

    Through our communication we want to attract funds for this neglected sector by proving that our approaches work and result in success stories. Foundations can  change their funding priorities, businesses must pay for their externalities, and local communities should take matters into their own hands.

    Wasteland Projects wants to contribute to shifting from a linear to a circular economy. Together with strong partners and making small steps, which are scalable - waste bin by waste bin at a time.


    Hannes Kunstreich

    Alice Grindhammer


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